Visual 3D Tool
BD Split Lab - Visual 3D Tool
Our interactive visual tool contains a fully 3D virtual World where we can navigate and take a look at the Blue Energy technologies in the area of Crete. Three different technologies are installed in three different locations around the island in an attempt to capture the visual impact assessment in a concise way.
On the top right of the UI, 3 buttons give us the ability to navigate through, a drone, a boat and see the view from shore. On the top left we can choose which technology to load and on the bottom right a clickable minimap depicts the current location.

Use ASDW keys to navigate. Hold shift to go faster. Click and drag the screen to look around or rotate the camera.

Use ASDW keys to navigate the boat. Use the mouse scroll to zoom in and out. Click and drag the screen to fly around the boat.

View from Shore:
Use mouse scroll to zoom. Click and drag the screen to look around.

Tip: Go to full screen for a better experience.
Firefox 52 and newer, Chrome 57 and newer required